A little child refugee looses his parents and finds himself in Finland. Before these events the child received from his father a magical instrument, which tune has the ability to stop the time.  Placed in a school in Finland he encounters a bully and locals prejudice towards a foreigner. The school’s caretaker- a woman- stands by the child and the home economics teacher- a man- teaches about the wonderful nuances of world cuisine.  What happens when the school is under a threat to be closed due to budget cuts? Is the care taker in love with the home economics teacher? How will this all end?

Timo Hietala’s music and Karri ‘Paleface’ Miettinen’s libretto creates an opera that sends a strong message about the power of imagination and the fact that no matter what, we should never loose hope. The richness of world music meets on stage the operatic structures and the aesthetics of rap.

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