A school production for a symphony orchestra co-produced with Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. The focus of the school production aimed at primary school children is to teach them about the Baltic Sea, the countries, the animals, the pollution and what can be done to take care of the Baltic Sea. Together with an environmental NGO with a campaign to pick up trash at the beach, the children came to the concert with bags of plastics that they had found, and some registered them at the website for the NGO (Håll Sverige Rent-kampanjen Kusträddarna) where everyone can register. In the school production with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the actor and host Ayla Kabaca told the children about the Baltic sea, interacted with them through dancing and playing, and interacted with the animated environmental robot Baltic, a playful but knowledgeable robot trying to save the coast from all the garbage. The production was filmed and displayed on the orchestra play channel Konserthuset Play. It continued to be a part of education in schools, especially since the pandemic made it more or less impossible to visit live concerts in the concert hall during the season 2021–22. Through continued contact with the schools through digital means, the campaign to pick up garbage on the beach continued.