CLASSICAL invites the younger audience into the world of classical music. Traveling through time from the 1600th centuries Italy to Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and up until to todays Nordic countries the concert shows how music has developed in the halls of the royals and on the streets with the mob. Using dance, choreography and acting, several senses will be stimulated during the concert making it a unique and special experience. The focus of the concert is to create interest and curiosity in the classical music genre, in the hope of more people enjoying it in the future.

CLASSICAL shows how people have been united in their love for music and culture despite differences in social classes throughout our existence.

Visiting 6 different European countries the concert shows a picture of how society looked from the 1600th century up until todays way of living.

Dividing each country into two - the rich and the poor - the journey shows how different music in the different social states was centuries ago, and how the difference in both music and in society has gotten smaller and smaller as society has developed and time has passed.

In todays community there is no difference in the music the royals and the non-royals listen to. Everyone in welfare states has more or less the same opportunities, and individuals are entitled to completely control their own lives. Our standard way of living was almost the complete opposite where the CLASSICAL journey begins.

Through stories, fun and entertainment the children will be led through the concert of classical music depicting the development of society and music through the past 400 years.