DER KIOSK (THE KIOSK) The new family opera DER KIOSK by Diana Syrse, based on the eponymous children’s book ‘Der Kiosk’ by Anete Melece, is an opera for everyone aged 5 and over. This commissioned composition is part of a long series of music theatre productions for young audiences. Olga, the heroine of our new opera DER KIOSK, has worked in her kiosk for many years and has actually grown to become part of it. She is stuck, while people pass by, pause briefly to buy small items or simply to chat about themselves. Olga knows everyone and listens to them all. But they all walk on while she is stuck – and yet she dreams of the sea. Then the kiosk – and Olga with it – tips over and everything starts to move … The protagonist’s agile, witty story about being stuck, hiding, dreaming and remaining true to herself has been set to music by the young Mexican composer Diana Syrse, who has already won several prizes and scholarships, including residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and the Académie du Festival Aix-en-Provence, for her colourful-sounding works with a range of influences from jazz, world music, classical, avant-garde and electronica. Her writing focusses on contemporary music theatre and questioning what opera can tell us today, particularly for young audiences. Working together with the librettist Andrea Heuser, who for several years now has also written libretti for the composer Moritz Eggert, in her commissioned piece ‘Der Kiosk’ the composer embarks on a fantastic search for what will trigger and combine speech, song and instrumental sounds in a new fantasy language whose “talking instruments” invite us to accompany Olga on her journey to the sea in an exuberant interplay with the dialogue. Direction Ilaria Lanzino Stage and Costume Design Emine Güner Lighting Thomas Dieck Dramaturgy Heili Schwarz-Schütte Head of Artistic Production Anna-Mareike Vohn Duration approx. 40 minutes.