What is music? Where is she from ? How to listen to him? Let’s listen. Here is thunder and rain, hail and wind. But here are also the delicate footsteps of insects, the rustle of a flower, the glow of the sun on the water, the unknown depths of the ocean ... Elementary? Not quite. For the sounds of earth, water, air and fire have their creators. Funny musicians, who go on an adventure to find a little fish lost by its curiosity and love of music. Lucas Henri and Jean Claude Gengembre, musicians, talented composers of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France asked their friend and fellow violinist Floriane Bonanni (whose writing and directing work they knew) to write them a musical tale . The period was turbulent and successive lockdowns left them uncertain whether the concerts would continue. She offered them to write and direct a text punctuated with their original music and arrangements. The scenography would be a projection of dreamlike, strange images, like moving paintings or conversations with the concert stage of which they would be the wacky characters. A small mise en abyme in the imagination of a live performance. This “theatrical concert” would then be made into a film, as if the images of the show had engulfed the stage. An entirely musical, rhythmic film, whose text would be an extension of the music, and the sound effects produced only with their instruments! To create this object, to ensure a harmony of these universes, she wrote and imagined together the text, the staging, the images and the production. A perfect little puzzle. The facetious musicians, plunged into this adventure with enthusiasm, humor and virtuosity (figuratively and literally for some aquatic images). Timpani, percussion, guitar, electric bass, mandolin, double bass, filmed up close, to the rhythm of the score, reveal their secrets to us ... The great actor Michel Robin, has agreed to be the storyteller of this funny story with extremely moving childish joy. These will be his last images. Her tender presence, her unique voice, these mingled, resonant universes have given this little musical tale a very special poetry. Beethoven and his pastoral symphony naturally found a place of choice in this tale where the mysteries of sound creation are finally unveiled. The two musicians / actors imagined unusual musical variations of this major work, and paid tribute to the links between composers and so-called oral music. They also slipped quotes from other works related to nature and the elements into their scores. Can you recognize the song of a small trout, the most famous fish in the history of music? Take the theme backwards and you will see! Their original compositions, inspired by these adaptations and quotes, enriched this musical journey. Floriane Bonanni offers the viewer a novel, strange and funny film. Theater and music mingled make a tender and poetic world sensitive.