HjerteLyd is an opera for babies aged 0 - 2.5 years and their parents. A performance created specifically to this target audience.

Lured into a landscape of colors and sounds, the babies' own sounds and physical activities become part of the performance where there is room for everyone - even those who experience opera for the very first time.

The audience sits in a circle around the show's small stage, where the children can easily crawl in and interact with the musicians and props.

No linguistic knowledge is required to experience the performance, as it mostly is performed playing with sounds and words in different languages.

Children who have not yet begun to express themselves linguistically therefore have the opportunity to experience with the whole body and all

senses wide open. HjerteLyd is a unique opportunity for a musical and sensory experience for the youngest ones - a poetical journey into the land of music for the tiniest ears.

The show focuses on making it easy and attractive to participate for the audience - children as well as adults. HjerteLyd creates the marvelous space where people of all sizes can meet art and culture - physically, interactive and sensual.