English Touring Opera's opera for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) audiences, is How to Find Your Name, which toured to special schools in March-June 2022, engaging with 1,480 young people.

It was been created in collaboration with sixth form students at Greenvale School in Lewisham.

Written by Bradley Travis, with music by Joanna Marie Skillett, design by Sunny Moon-Little and Sorcha Corcoran, and direction by Abigail Kelly, the piece is a highly interactive and sensory adventure through land, sea, rainforest, and space that addresses the question – what does it mean to have a name? And what happens when we lose it?

Participation is at the heart of the opera, with every scene led my interactive moments where the audience are involved in the action. Interactive and sensory moments included ripping up newspaper; meeting puppets; running into/ feeling stretchy cloth; 'playing' the tentacles on the octopus; 'conducting' the rainforest; speaking to the cast with makaton sign language; singing and dancing along.

Makaton sign language is integrated into the opera to make it more accessible for the young people.