Just like in the original fairy tale, Little Miss Matchstick is not allowed to head home before selling all her matches. No one notices her, everyone is too busy with their own lives. It is at these moments that she really misses her grandfather. She is reminded of all his sweet little jokes and the stories that he used to tell her. In these moments she feels less lonely. That is the power of imagination: imagine that you are in a different world and create it the way you want. With just a bit of fantasy anything is possible. Fantasy is really fantastic! It helps you to deal with reality, even if that means you have to finish your vegetables, or join the next Zoom-meeting. We filmed Little Miss Matchstick’s journey partly in Norway, and partly in the Dutch pine forests and on the Dutch coast. It is a journey from the white cold North to the dry and crowded South. A journey all the way from nature to industry, in which she longs for cake and meets the Snowman. Is the Snowman a real person, or a part of her imagination? Does he fulfils her hope, or is he her nightmare? Dance Along with the music and the film that tell the story of Little Match girl, we used dance to portray her emotions. During the performance you will see what happens to her within four different dances. In the beginning Little Match girl is just a bit cold and she’s happy her Grandfather, the snowman and the musicians pay attention to her and stimulate her to move to get warm. That is the dance to fend off the cold. The second part she dances while remembering the long lonely journey, a sad dance. The third dance is a dance of anger where she distances herself from the people who turned their backs to her. The last dance is a happy dance with the Snowman after which she is ready for the big leap into a new world and time. Music Purcell and Vivaldi were living in the same period, and it shows: ‘Cold Song’ from King Arthur reminds one of ‘Winter’ from The Four Seasons. Composer Oene van Geel provided The Snowman with a robust tune consisting of rap and rock. Vivaldi in fact wrote a beautiful hint in his composition. Just google Vivaldi’s ‘Correre e Batter li Piedi per il freddo’ and find out what that means.