Nobellum is a digital production, a "film concert", which attempts to use music to tell the story, accompanied by motion graphics and video to give an artistic impression of the Nobel Peace Prize, its origin, some of its most significant winners, and the breadth and depth of their struggles.

Through the years the Peace Prize has evolved to include activists who have taken on issues like poverty, human rights, and the environment - not originally envisioned by Alfred Nobel, however, today interpreted widely as the PREREQUISITES FOR PEACE.

The aim of Nobellum is to engage and inspire young people, and to help them understand that even a school-aged student like Malala can make a great impact on the world, and ultimately be awarded the Peace Prize.

In the words of Elie Wiesel "I have learned it in my life – one person of integrity, of courage, CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"

Nobellum is both a full-blown multicam production with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and a video-graphics production by video artist and Director David Chocron. The repertoire includes works of Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Pärt, Price, Debussy and Glass.