Zonzo Compagnie together with Stijn Grupping and Ine Van Baelen (Post from Hessdalen) and a diverse gang of children and musicians, we filmed the first swinging series: Noisy Neighbours. Apartment blocks somewhere in a city, somewhere in a country. Children seemingly live on their own, or did the parents just left, or are they sleeping? The only thing we know is that their neighbors are musicians. You might not expect it, but these children do exactly what all the others do: brush their teeth, wash their hands, eat their sandwiches, and don't forget to pee. Only, with their daily actions, they also control the rhythm of their neighbours. When the light switches on, the trumpeter has to blow. When they iron their pants, the double bass player's bow follows. The children whisper notes through the walls, compose with light, conduct by eating chocolate mousse. A surreal world where every day has its own score.