Pipes are everywhere inside the great machine’s womb, ! Two slaves to the insane mechanism struggle to carry on with their day to day duties. One day, the machine goes mad and the work shifts speed up to breaking point. From then on, the characters will recover their humanity and will try to get free thanks to music.

« Start Over » is a music show for younger kids from age 5. It is designed to create sounds and music with plastic pipes. In fact, all the instruments on stage have been created by the team : Pierre Blavette, Jérémie Boudsocq, and Julien Poulain. This collection of PVC instruments reveals at once a visual and sound coherence that takes the audience into an instustrial and futuristic environment.

Within this world, two workers get through their daily routine to the sound of the alarms of an almighty machine. This opening situation denounces what Bourdieu calls the work alienation, also seen in « Modern Times » by C.Chaplin, « Brazil » by Terry Gilliam or in a certain way « Matrix » by the Wachovsky brothers. The characters gradually recover their identity and humanity because they eventually dare to use their tools in their own way. Here is the key to understand the title : we get back on track by absorbing things, not destroying nor shirking them. It is all about people who are able to change things, to modify reality and this is the idea we are keen to defend in this show.

The musics composed by Pierre and Jérémy come from different musical backgrounds (baroque, pop, Jazz, traditional) and help the audience share the fantasy we propose. Driven by the same logic, we have decided not to talk during the show and get rid of a cultural landmark for the audience to follow us in a world deprived of all cultural references. And indeed, this is exactly the point : crushed by ubiquitous machines and alienated by their work, the human beings disappear as well as Culture in the broad sense of the term.

Anne-Marie Gros and Yannick Nédélec directed the show with a view to emphasise the rhythm of the bodies and the relation between the characters in their environment. Indeed, with no text, our body becomes a means of expression both in musical and theatrical situations. We want a joyful show because it leads to freedom. This is why the absurd comical acting breathes life into the two main characters. Their contradictions and the funny situations they go though are inspired by numerous comic duos (Laurel and Hardy, Louis de Funès and Coluche, …).

Light is also a powerful component that highlights the story of the instruments that can be gigantic. As a matter of fact, the machine, which is the third character of the plot, interacts with the characters by means of flashes, alarm sounds, smoke and many other light and sound effects. Julien Poulain created the light show with the help of Jérémie and Anne-Marie Gros and they have added a strong and disruptive element to the story.

Mixing different artistic disciplines allows the audience to observe the ability of the body to sing, tap, blow, dance. This combination underlines the complementarity of these disciplines as well as the cultural democratisation which opens up to the great diversity of the Arts.

Along with the story telling and the values it advocates, « Start Over » is to grasp the physics of sound and many acoustic principles by making the intruments on the stage before playing them. Because these original intruments arouse interest and question the so-called noble and elitist instruments, they make them more accessible. What’s more, they question the notion of waste, they question our ability to invent a new life for them and find out they have another purpose.