Small concert in the Aube: After "Concertino pannolino", concert for babies before the march, the company Bulle à Sons invites children from 2.5 years old, to live a musical journey from dawn to dusk where the proximity is the priority. Feeling the vibrations of the cello, the breaths of the flutist, moving to the rhythm of the udu ... a generous moment that unequivocally plunges us into the world of the two musicians and makes our ears grow! Special attention is given to the welcome note: the cellist is present for a first meeting upon entering the theater. Taking the time to go through a transition together before entering the concert hall or the school hall promotes the quality of presence and listening of such a young audience. Guided by the musician, the little ones take their places around the circle. The concert begins ... A woman, a man ... A mom, a dad ... A cellist, a hang player come face to face, surrounded by the audience. "Petit concert à l'Aube" is a concert "in theater" which invites us to be there, without artifice, listening to music, sounds, pulsation, in a refined scenography. This musical journey offers in turn moments of pure listening, movement and theatrical play that alternate in an organic journey. The few words, whatever the language (here in French or Spanish) are there for their resonance; no need to understand them. The children, themselves, gradually gain confidence ... thanks to the links they forge with the adults who accompany them and finally with the musicians. Every now and then the relationship opens up to the audience, then it's a piece by J.S. Bach that calls to mind and brings back to the dialogue between the two performers. A light creation brings this concert to life from dawn to dusk and subtly underlines the poetry of the show. Regarding the repertoire, our artistic approach is to broaden as much as possible the musical styles that we intend for toddlers. We take the position of never defining in advance what music may or may not be suitable for children. A sonata by Vivaldi, an original "rhythmic" composition or a Gnossian by Satie are just as captivating to them as music exclusively intended for early childhood ... the challenge being to find the right entry point. This discovery is made possible by the benevolent gaze of the musicians and in the physical presence of acoustic instruments: the cello and its warm sounds, the fascinating hang, the udu with earthly rhythms, and finally the recorder and the metallophone which are much more. only toys. The rhythms of bodily percussions, close to "hand games" surprise and amuse them while the voices reassure and soothe them. In short, a 40-minute musical journey of both light and attentive listening, this is the challenge proposed by the musicians of this "Little concert at dawn".

Van Den Driessche/Eppe