In the city of Hämeenlinna Culture Centre ARX produces free program of art and culture studies in local schools throughout the school year. Children in public schools get to participate in studies that are designed and developed with local art and culture professionals. The program of art and culture studies is part of every schools educational program and it reaches 100% of pupils. Poika, joka katseli puiden latvoja (The boy who gazed at the treetops) is originally a large choir piece based on the Finland’s national composer Jean Sibelius’ work. Sibelius spent his childhood in Hämeenlinna and in its forests, watching and listening to the trees, finding fairies and trolls in his imagination. Every year every 3rd grade school class, 700 children are trained to sing 10 songs for the choir concert that takes place at the end of the school year in Hämeenlinna’s main concert venue Vanaja-hall. The concept was created by Culture centre ARX and has been produced by several ARX’s producers over the years. ARX’s art educator Tainamaria Savimäki has developed the script for the concert. Music school Sibelius-opisto’s students have performed the music and dances. The choir of 700 9-year olds has been trained and conducted by the choir director Ismo Savimäki.