Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in the Kingdom LiebDieLiebe (Lamour Damour) - a kingdom, where everyone was in love with someone: The King was in love with the Queen, the farmer loved the maiden, the stallion his mare, the milk can the cup. In the morning everyone woke up, the heart beating gently: "boom-boom", "boom-boom", "boom-boom". Every heart apart from the heart of Princess LiebDieLiebe. The King was not amused at all: "My beautiful daughter, why aren't you in love with someone like everyone else? That causes severe damage to the kingdom's splendid reputation!" The King arranged a big ball to invite princes from all over the world. The Princess met many of them and received even more presents, but her heart just wouldn't start beating. Finally, prince number 222, Prince Pepito, convinced the Princess' stubborn heart with a fiery Salsa-dance - and suddenly it went: "boom-boom", "boom-boom", "boom-boom". From that moment on Princess LiebDieLiebe and Prince Pepito lived happily ever after - if there wasn't Princess Lilo. When Princess LiebDieLiebe saw her astonishingly blue eyes and received her present, a little kiss, her heart started beating too: "boom-boom", "boom-boom", "boom-boom". The Princess is sure now: She fell in love with both of them - but how should she convince the King?