The brilliant Gildas Quartet is featured in STRING!: A Celebration of the String Quartet. Produced in spring and early summer 2021 this relaxed performance for children aged 7 – 11 and their schools and families showcases diverse repertoire from Haydn to Jessie Montgomery, Joseph Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges to Caroline Shaw, and everything in between! With simple but eye-catching design and imaginative staging String! was created to tour primary schools and reach as wide an audience as possible. With its playful approach to presenting excellent music this concert is guaranteed to open eyes and ears to the fabulous, joyful world of the String Quartet.

String! premiered at St Matthias Primary School in East London prior to delighting both school and family audiences as part of the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival in 2021. A UK wide tour is planned for 2023.

Directed by Martin Berry
Designed by Helen Fownes-Davies
Performed by the Gildas String Quartet

With support from Spitalfields Festival and funding from Arts Council England and the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival