An original production by the Akhtamar Quartet, directed by Ségolène Van der Straten and staged by Anne Desclée Supported by "Jeunesses Musicales de Wallonie Bruxelles" « Together in a profound loneliness, Drown in a grey and gloomy city far far away Four dreamers, one day, Choose to believe again in hope and happiness Cello, viola and violins, creating new harmonies, Bringing into life beautiful melodies Like a powerful swell from the city will remove the spell Their music, as a powerful stream And carrying a hopeful light, Joins every children's dreams And fly through the starry night » A musical journey without words, a quartet full of lights, animated by the power of the compositions of Brahms, Debussy, Haydn, Dvorak... to discover from the youngest age the emotions, the colors of the music and what happens inside us when it passes through us. Since its creation, the Akhtamar Quartet has made it its mission to bring classical music to the widest audience possible. This approach has given rise to numerous concerts and performances adapted to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, whether in primary and secondary schools, in Belgium (notably via the Jeunesses Musicales since 2017) and in France, or even in hospitals and specialized institutions for young people with disabilities. The string quartet repertoire is put in the spotlight, with excerpts from quartets by Debussy, Dvorak, Brahms, Haydn, punctuating and magnifying a story about the poetic dimension of music and dreams. The Miniatures of the Armenian ethnomusicologist and composer Komitas, arranged by Aslamazyan, musical signature of the Akhtamar Quartet, named after an Armenian legend, also embellish this tale.