A “Thousand buttons and four strings” is a story about two friends: Daniel on violin from Serbia and Almir on accordion from Bosnia. The duo has a presence that catches your attention!

Folk music has for centuries been developed and refined in collaboration with the public. It makes traditional music special and gives it an advantage in meeting people. Almir Meskovic was born in Bosnia and Daniel Lazar was born in Serbia. They have grown up with folk music in the heart of the Balkans, where music and cultures from all over the world meet and fuse.

It was in Norway that Almir and Daniel got to know each other. Here they developed their own expression that gets the most beautiful out of the accordion and the fiddle, with tricks and inspiration from all eras - yes, a music that captures and drives!

The duo presents traditional folk music from the Balkans as well as new compositions of high quality within the genre. Almir and Daniel are professional musicians with many years of experience preforming for a younger audience. Their communication with the audience is both inviting and inspiring through their personal stories of family, friendship, and the love for music.

The relevance of the productions is opening new musical horizons in the sense that they perform traditional music that the young audiences are likely to be unfamiliar with. This music is put into context through personal stories, history, geography as well as a good sense of humor. The international touring potential of the production is with a doubt a given. They are both fluent in English and have done this concert in English as well as Serbian and Bosnian.

This production is produced for touring in school settings with artists of high integrity. Almir & Daniel presents a production with a strong relevance and impact for younger audiences. The production is able to inspire, push artistic boundaries as well as engage audiences in new ways by performing in schools.