WILD (The Musical) is a multidisciplinary Broadway-style musical production set in the jungle with a classical orchestra and conductor cast as part of the story and the theatrical action. The plot of the musical concerns two human poachers who come into the jungle to traffick wild animals. When they discover that all the animals are enormously talented, they commence a plan to capture the animals for a lucrative show on New York’s Broadway. Their plans go astray as the sounds of the WILD reign supreme!

Created by Leanne Nicholls (playwright/lyricist) and Nick Harvey (composer), WILD (The Musical) integrates live orchestral music with beatboxing, Chinese drumming and jazz, hip hop, cha cha, ballet and Chinese martial arts dance styles. A stellar cast of 40 musicians, singers and dancers in dazzling animal costumes are featured delivering a powerful message about wildlife preservation for all ages.

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