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General FAQs

Based on which criteria does the jury select the nominees and winners?

The jury bases its appreciation on the following criteria:

Primary Judging Criteria:

- The quality of the music and other artistic material

- The skills of the musicians/singers

- The degree of communication between the musicians and the audience

- The relevance/necessity of the program for young audiences

- The international touring potential of the production

- For the Opera productions: the staging should be of high quality and in relation with the music

Secondary Judging Criteria: The Wishbone Model

- Intention (Engagement / Communication / Ambition / Originality / Dream)

- Ability (Talent & acquired skills / Knowing the craft / Professionalism / Personal touch / Magic)

- Necessity (Relates to our time Involving the audience / Courage / Eye-opening effect)

Which productions are eligible to the Public Choice and the Production of the Year Awards?

All the nominees regardless of the category they fall into (Opera, Small Ensemble and Large Ensemble) compete for the Public Choice and the Production of the Year Awards. While a public vote determine the winner of the Public Choice Award, the jury decides of the winner of the Production of the Year Award.

Who can attend the YAMawards Ceremony?

The YAMawards Ceremony is open to everyone who registered to the YAMsession, an annual international event for creative professionals working in the field of young audiences development.

For more information, please visit YAMsession website.

Voting FAQs

Can I vote more than once?

As long as you created an account, you can vote once a day for your favourite production among the nominees.

Can I leave a vote for each category?

As the public vote is a cross-category vote to elect the Public Choice Award, you cannot vote for multiple productions falling into different categories.

I registered but didn't get any confirmation email

If you didn't get any confirmation email, please verify your spams. In case, you still cannot find your confirmation email, please report it to info@yamawards.org.