The Young Audiences Music Awards

About YAMawards

The Young Audiences Music Awards (YAMawards) honours creativity and innovation in the field of musical productions for young audiences, from all corners of the world, created by professional ensembles of all forms, from solo artist to orchestra.

The YAMawards aim to identify and support cutting-edge productions that inspire and engage young people giving them magic moments to keep for a lifetime. Music has a profound impact on young people and promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding.


  • Best Small Ensemble for Young Audiences : €1000
  • Best Large Ensemble for Young Audiences : €1000
  • Best Opera for Young Audiences : €1000 (Powered by RESEO)
  • Best Participatory Project with young audiences
  • Public Choice Award : €1000

Previous Winners

Previous winners include Rikskonsertene/Kulturtanken (Norway), Oorkaan (The Netherlands), Smalands Musik&Teater (Sweden), Body Rhythm Factory (Denmark), Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium), Jazz for Juniors (South Africa) and Muziektheater Transparant (Belgium).

About JMI

The Young Audiences Music Awards is brought to you by JM International (JMI), the world’s most renowned youth-music organisation. JMI’s work with young audiences is based on the principle that all children and youth must have access to music/culture as a fundamental human right. The YAMawards serve as a beacon of creativity and innovation to inspire those pushing the artistic and musical boundaries as well as those instil hope in those working in difficult circumstances, supporting the fight to maintain and grow this crucial sector of human development.

For more info please visit www.jmi.net

The Jury

Ebbe Høyrup

Director of Live Music in Schools (LMS)

Emmanuelle Soupart

Artistic Director of JM Wallonie-Bruxelles

Matt Clark

Program & Marketing Director

Anne Torrent

Artistic Director of JM France

Margareta Norberg

Producer at JM Sweden

Simona Simonovska

Artistic Director of JM Macedonia

Noora Herranen

Director Konserttikeskus

Barbara Hellmayr

Coordinator of Youth and Children Programs - JM Austria

Elfa LIlja Gísladóttir

Project Manager at List Fyrir Alla (Iceland)

Morten Brenne

Musician and Producer at Rikskonsertene

Naima Balic

Board Member / JM Croatia

Patrick Lenaers

Director of Jeugd en Muziek (Belgium)