Paris is home to a large number of people originating from other parts of the world and is often described as a melting pot of continuous cultural exchange. In Paris, this has been expressed through new genres where different musical cultures meet and where one's cultural origins are explored in the search for one's own identity.

In this concert we meet Abraham Reunion that consists of four young musicians living in Paris with roots from Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean. As young adults they reunited through music, rhythm, and language to express their dual culture. With a playful improvisational approach and rhythmic complexity, they express their Caribbean roots in a unique and innovative way.

The concert aims to promote curiosity and understanding of foreign cultures through a positive and powerful performance.

The production is produced for touring schools within the framework of the national organization DKS Norway. They perform 2-3 concerts per day, and the production is performed in the gym hall at the school with limited set-up time including light- and soundcheck at 1-1,5 hours.

The production has great international touring potential and are booked for several school concert tours in Norway next year. Through their strong musical expression and ability to communicate, the production has educational and artistic relevance for all young audiences. The script of the production can be performed both in English and in French.


Cynthia Abraham - Vocals, percussion

Clelya Abraham - Piano, vocals

Zacharie Abraham - Double bass, vocals, tap-dance

Tilo Bertholo - Drums, vocal


Simen Scharning - Sound engineer

Jan Erik Holto - Light engineer

Producers: Nina C. Dahl and Ragnhild Tveitan (DKS Viken)