HeartBeat Group is three professional and enthusiastic percussion experts playing live music on anything! Bringing an irresistible infusion of joy and life to reach the shared goal: To enrich, touch and delight the audience. HeartBeat Group has played for more than 100.000 children and every single concert has been a unique experience. Children are an honest, vibrant, and spontaneous audience and it is magical to be allowed to perform for the next generation.

The Concert

The school concert ‘Heartbeat’ is one of the most coveted and successful school concerts in Denmark. It has been created in corporation with a producer from the Danish organization, LMS ‘Live Music in Schools’. It has been performed, renewed, and improved through more than 700 performances in Denmark and abroad.

With a heart-warming and contagious enthusiasm HeartBeat Group invites the children into their fascinating universe of rhythms, joy of playing and nonverbal stories. It is an eye opening and inspiring concert experience: Different grooves are created on tables and barrels, crisp cans are used as shakers and mini drums, canisters are being used as percussion, instruments are presented vocally, and the body is used as a drum set.

Our performance is a diverse experience mixing stomp music with singing, rapping, and stories communicated wordlessly. Rhythms from all over the world and a razor-sharp sense of timing are the foundation from which small stories from everyday life are told. We use drama, body language, and humour to touch on topics such as bullying, competition, conflicts, solidarity, and friendship. Themes that children can recognize and see themselves reflected in.

Educational purpose

Being made for educational purposes, this production also includes an extensive study material and tutorial videos, that will thoroughly prepare the students for the concert and give them the best conditions to actively join the experience. They will get acquainted with the HeartBeat Group universe, learn the song, ‘Feel Free’, learn how to play three different beats, played respectively on the body, on a table, and on a cup. And finally, they will learn how to drink invisible coke – which by the way is much healthier than regular Coke 😊.


With warm-heartedness and a sparkle in the eye, we captivate the students and encourage them to join the performance with singing, clapping and bodybeat. We seek to inspire by inviting the children to participate in the performance, giving them the unique experience of becoming part of something greater. For us the exchange of energy between performers and audience is magical and the very thing that lifts each show into a unique experience. This is why we always ask the teachers not to shush the students during our concerts.

The goal is to give the students an amazing experience with live music. With our performance, we hope to inspire the children with our excitement and love for the music, showing them that music is always right at hand, just a snap of the fingers away.