Hopfrog Fanfare populates an 'Alice in Wonderland' dream world with bizarre rules, in the middle between a sports game, a concert and a ritual. Let yourself be enchanted by a stimulating play of live music, choreography and absurd theatrical imagination.

During their performance, the musicians look again and again for ways of playing together, with each other and with the audience. But every attempt seems to fail. It is even dangerous and forbidden. When all hope is gone and they are about to give up, there is a unexpected way out.

KadanZ first was created as an open air performance during corona-times in the summer of 2020. Then in autumn 2022 this indoor version was premiered.

In ‘Copper & Skin’, Hopfrog nostalgically referred to the cultural recognizable concept of 'fanfare' in its various outward appearances. With 'KadanZ' Hopfrog Fanfare takes one step further and opts for a musical and theatrical concept that starts from the physical act of making music itself. We were looking for a pure abstract aesthetic that is more related to modern dance and contemporary music.

Therefore in ‘KadanZ' we chose together with director and choreographer Randi De Vlieghe to focus on musicians as dancers and on individual movements and choreographies as a source for theatrical imagination. We explored the interaction between movement, dance and music starting from the energy and the emotionality of this music itself. As a result, ‘KadanZ’ is a wordless performance without any pre-existing narrative.

As shown in the video trailer choreographies were used to develop compositions sound-wise and give them dynamics. Movements and step patterns were used as a compass to be able to perform complex rhythms and improve the rhythmic interplay.