a family-opera.

a queste for children rights.

composer: Frederik Neyrinck

director: Johan De Smet


Worldwide, children are trapped in factories full of well-known brands. Sewing, stitching, toiling. For the powerful and the multinational. Worldwide, children descend daily into mines full of easy money.

Worldwide, children flee from destruction to another 'tomorrow'. With a tireless resilience, looking for the freedom and self-realisation they deserve. Kruistocht (Crusade) is a contemporary family opera by Johan De Smet and Frederik Neyrinck which zooms in on children's slavery and migration by children.

In a diverse cast of all ages, with more than fifty children onstage and a musical alliance between orchestra and the famous elector band: Compact Disk Dummies. Kruistocht is a theatrical quest for the rights of the child. A journey through history about a necessary battle that has yet to be won.

This production is a unique collaboration between Kopergietery with a history of more than 40 years of artistic work for children and youngsters (founded by Eva Bal) and the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Unique is the mix of opera, the popular elektroband, divers performers with different musical backgrounds and 45 children and youngsters as main characters.