The performance Avain hukassa (The Lost Key) combines live music, contemporary circus and animated illustrations. In the performance, we search for the lost key while visiting different homes and meeting the neighbours.

Each home is unique and has its own look and sound. In the show, you will visit different homes and families, who are living in the same apartment building. Kosmo, his brother and their cat live among lushing greenery; Minimalist Tim doesn't want to own any unnecessary things, whereas their neighbor Harry has an amazing candy collection. There are also Ossi and Ray, a gentlemanly couple who enjoys jazz and afternoon mint tea and Maija, a small girl with her seven fathers.

The show is for all ages, and it is based on a Finnish book “Avain hukassa” written and illustrated by Sanna Mander. Sannis Sundström has composed new songs from Mander´s poems.

Acoustic and electronic music gains momentum from spinning hoops, bouncing balls and enchanting soap bubbles. Sometimes you get sensitized to listen and watch balancing on glass bottles. The book's illustrations come to life on the background canvas with the stop motion technique.

We invite all families, from babies to adults, and neighbours all over the world to look for the lost key. Together we will find it!

  • Sannis Sundström: vocals, violin, piano, composer
  • Sampo Sundström: guitar, cello, bass
  • Sami Tammela: live-electronics
  • Susanna Liinamaa: circus art
  • Kauri Klemelä: light design
  • Aapo Niininen: video design