The Wish Gatherer is the first instalment in English Touring Opera's trilogy of Climate Change operas. Made in collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle, The Wish Gatherer explores the impact of climate change on

the natural world, in a national curriculum-linked adventure story. The Wish Gatherer is an uplifting and inspiring opera about how we can all work together to make a difference to our planet. From a bee singing a jazz about circadian rhythms, to a tai-chi infused tribute to climate activist Wangari Maathai, The Wish Gatherer introduces the importance of environmental stewardship to the next generation.

The story follows Lola, a young girl struggling with the effects on her world after COVID, her parents’ recent divorce and the climate crisis. Join Lola on her journey, and meet the magical Wish Gatherer, the mysterious and dark Muddier, the disenchanted bee, Bumbella, and the enterprising Seed Planter, in this story of beauty, loss, revolution, and new beginnings.

Created by Noah Mosley (Composer) and JL Williams (writer), The Wish Gatherer will tour to libraries, theatres and schools across the country between March – May 2023.