TRIO ORO in Concert

TRIO ORO in Concert is custom-made to keep the audience engaged. The concert capitalizes on the performers sublime technical ability and their experience with communicating to a young audience, to excite and facilitate active listening.

In TRIO ORO in Concert, the audience is given the opportunity to both discover new and recognize old and familiar music. In Norway we play our own version of the cherished Norwegian singer Alf Prøysen's Helene Harefrøken. In international projects however, we try to find ways to include the local culture in some way or form, through language, tonality or any culturally recognizable “hook”.

TRIO ORO serves Moroccan folk melodies with progressive rhythms, Norwegian tunes with improvisational parts, Bulgarian dances at blistering tempo, a wild, brilliant and awesome djembe solo that will make you laugh, a Spanish ballad at a high tempo, and perhaps the world's most beautiful melody. Everything composed or rearranged by the trio.

The dramaturgy in the concert ensures that there is something new to experience in every single song, and our little anecdotes about the instruments we play, the origin of the music or just a story about how we once forgot a drum, provide important breaks to let the music sink in, while it contributes to a cosy, entertaining and intimate atmosphere.

The Performers

Frederik (recorder) is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and has played with, among others, the baroque ensembles Barokkanerne and Bela Barok, and the artists Daniel Kvammen, No.4 and Steinar Ofsdal.

Espen (percussion) is a graduate of the author studies in south-eastern Norway, is active in the band Delvoid, former drummer for Fay Wildhagen and has 17 years of experience as a band member and session musician.

Adrian (guitar) has a bachelor's degree in Musicology from UiO, has experience from major festival stages with the noise-rock band Tremoro Tarantura, plays in the band How Wolves Change Rivers and makes art for K4 in Oslo.


We’re adding a separate PDF. with a collection of feedback we’ve gotten from various schools, producers etc.


TRIO ORO in Concert has toured since 2021 and been performed 390 times, with about 100 concerts this spring. While busy playing school concerts, TRIO ORO also released their first album “2023” in april this year and have been touring Norway, playing 9 concerts in celebration of the release. Looking forward TRIO ORO is excited for both the festival summer season with appearances in multiple festivals, and the autumn as they are almost fully booked until christmas 2023.


Our two minute trailer is excerpted from a test show in 2021, this because the audio and video quality of that concert is of a higher quality, more suited for public viewing. We will be adding the whole concert as well. Our full length subbed video is from a concert in 2022 and is the better video to review as it is the best representation of our performance, albeit somewhat lacking in video and audio quality.